IT Security: 3 Types of Malware

IT Security: 3 Types of Malware

Let’s examine three types of malware IT security consultants, business owners, and everyday internet-users can come across.

In today’s advanced technological landscape, businesses must be aware of the bad that comes with the good. The internet has revolutionized the business world and has helped connect businesses with its customers across the globe. However, this powerful new tool is not without its problems. As a quality IT security consultant will tell you, malware and computer viruses are among the most common, and most damaging, downsides to the internet and IT systems. Let’s examine three types of malware IT security consultants, business owners, and customers can come across.


Ransomware is a form of malware designed to lock out a user from accessing their files or programs. These lockouts typically come with demands by the malicious attacker for the victim to do in order to unlock their files or programs. Often these demands are monetary based.  

Ransomware works by the attackers achieving the ability to encrypt a victim’s data. The only way for the user to decrypt their data is by using the key the attackers have, which they offer in exchange for the demand or payments. Anyone can be a target for ransomware, which makes IT security a challenging task when perhaps part of your security system has been locked out.


A more subtle type of malware is spyware. This subtype of malware is an unwanted program that enters your computer and steals information such as internet usage data, bank account numbers, personal information, and other sensitive information. Typically, spyware can infiltrate your computer without your knowledge and will store or send the data to nefarious companies, firms, and sometimes criminals. Spyware is one of the main reasons IT security is required in today’s businesses. Whether you hire an outside consultant firm or do your IT security in-house, being unprotected from these types of attacks is a risk too significant to take.

Trojan Horse

Sometimes a user can download a supposedly safe piece of software for normal use, but then be alarmed to find their computer infected with a Trojan. A Trojan is a type of malware or malicious software that looks legit but, in reality, is trying to steal data or damage one’s computer or network. The main identifying feature of a Trojan is the characteristic that it tries to trick you into downloading or introducing it into your network, such as a previously assumed safe piece of software. There are plenty of subtypes of Trojans which differ based on the action they perform once on a victim’s computer. There are tens, if not hundreds of these subtypes and can irrevocably damage your IT security on your network or computer.

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