IT Security for Business Network

IT Security for Business Network

Are your IT security efforts keeping your business network protected and secured? Check out these tips to help.

Keeping your business network secured is paramount. Data breaches and violations can seriously damage your operations and your reputation with your clients. Either way, your bottom-line can be negatively impacted, and recovering from cyberattacks can be costly, sometimes irreversible. Following some of our IT security tips is a good start to prevent your business network from vulnerabilities. We’ve gathered more IT security pointers and solutions to supplement your efforts in protecting your business network and servers.

Employee Training

We can’t stress enough that thorough employee training is vital to overall efforts in securing your business network. Your IT security staff and technology can only protect your assets to a measurable extent. It’s up to the users, your employees, to recognize and respond to potential scams and threats appropriately and conduct their everyday business correctly as not to put your network in jeopardy. Make employee training on network security mandatory yet accessible by providing the learning resources online.

Using Software to Safeguard

Whatever management program, account-tracking software, and other operating systems you have in place, make sure they are up-to-date. Cybercriminals exploit businesses using older software versions because these likely have vulnerabilities and loopholes in the earlier code. Developers continuously release updates that patch those holes that may cause others to hack into your business network through the “weak spots” of the software. This is why scheduling regular maintenance and updates to your software and hardware are crucial. Also, your business servers and devices should have anti-virus programs and malware detectors installed as an IT security line of defense.

Business Access Only

Web browsing from your business server leaves your network open to potential attacks. You never know when an employee could visit a malicious site and infect your server with dangerous malware and ransomware. Keep your network use to secure business-related activities as much as possible. Also, keep your WiFi protected and only allow employees to access it. 

Log In Tracking

Keeping a record of when users log in and log off on their devices and accounts is a good process to enforce. Furthermore, consider ways to make employee logins more secure. Beyond educating them on best practices, like not reusing the same user name and password for multiple accounts or devices, use a two-factor authentication feature. Your work account relying on cloud-based services should especially have extra authentication abilities in place.

Healthcare IT Services and Solutions from Audley Consulting Group

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