ACG delivers services in two core lines of business:

Digital Government (Powered by AI) – This is the business of government. ACG supports our federal clients with grants management, contact center, stakeholder communication, case management, and related services that support the daily mission of the agency. Our support is different because we leverage AI and certified Innovation Management to increase the efficiency of knowledge workers and constantly improving the delivery model to provide value directly to our clients.

Secure Technical Solutions – We support technology platforms that cannot fail. ACG supports our federal clients with secure applications, information platforms, data systems, and records archives. We employ Agile and DevSecOps practices to rapidly accommodate changes and support evolving requirements. Our support is different because we’ve invested in our own ACG AI Accelerator which powers and informs our service delivery. This tool delivers information to our knowledge workers before they ask, it identifies trends before they become issues, and it finds gaps in processes before anything has been missed. We diligently follow agency AI guidelines and engagement rules for our FedRAMP certified AI engine.

ACG bolsters our lines of business with AI: 

ACG’s AI Accelerator – This is our investment in better service delivery and better careers. Our AI engine is engaged to find better resources, to identify better training, to support higher quality deliverables, to point out critical data, to match trends and solutions, and to lead transformations to better services and better results.

  • Digital Government

    Our teams apply user experience in every step of our development process to help government improve their services. From surfacing customer needs through user research, to optimizing delivery through service design, to facilitate change management through user engagement.

  • AI Powered

    Our strategists help our customers establish a pragmatic approach to embracing innovation. Marketing terms like AI/ML, Blockchain, and Intelligent Automation are only valuable if they can be applied to solve challenges in your use case.

  • Agile & DevSecOps

    Our delivery process is based on integrating best practices from various Agile frameworks. Agile is not a façade for our teams, it is how we help our customers reduce risk, speed up delivery, and improve quality of their programs and tools every day.

  • Modernization

    Our technical experts help our customers upgrade their toolbox with modern technologies. From establishing a secure cloud or hybrid infrastructure as a foundation, to rapidly deploy analytics and decision making tools, to quickly develop new functionalities via low code/no code platforms