Grant Management In Healthcare

Grant Management In Healthcare

Audley Consulting Group has the resources and skills to help organizations, such as the HHS and HRSA, guide their grant management needs.

Grant management is money management; It’s vital to the success of nearly all organizations and their subdivisions. Overseeing how funds are gained and used by an entity, be it an individual, a business, or a government agency, often requires a dedicated service to manage this involved process. Audley Consulting Group has the resources and skills to help organizations, such as the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and its agency, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), guide their grant management needs. Mismanagement of funds could create devastating effects on the healthcare of Americans.

Why Grant Management is Necessary

Grant management services support businesses in numerous ways. However, grant management can be even more necessary given today’s healthcare landscape. Many organizations need grant managers and a dedicated department to handle grants because it can be an overwhelming process. Nonetheless, grant funding has become the financial driving-force of most operations and their organizational goals. 

Moreover, grant management is more than what a typical accountant can keep track of. There are strict regulations regarding how one prepares proposals, tracks spending, ensures compliance, and creates various reports. All types of healthcare initiatives that seek to better public health and protect those most vulnerable rely on grant money’s correct allocation.

Audley Consulting Group Proudly Serves HHS and HRSA

Audley Consulting Group proudly serves the HHS and HRSA to enable their healthcare-related programs, initiatives, and research projects. The President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Budget proposes $1.3 trillion in mandatory funding for HHS. Additionally, the HRSA Fiscal Year 2021 Budget outlines $11.2 billion to be invested in programs that aim to serve the medically or economically challenged in our country. Competent grant management can drive the success of these organizations’ endeavors.

Public grants entail greater amounts given to recipients. But, this certainly does not come without challenges too. Strict application protocols need to be met. Recipients are under scrutiny before, during, and after funds are distributed to ensure compliance at every stage. Receiving grants means following through with all the provisions outlined in the approved proposal.

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