Best Qualities of IT Consultants

Best Qualities of IT Consultants

At Audley, we’re proud of our team of business and IT consultants! What makes them great at their jobs?

When your business can benefit from hiring IT consultants to identify problems or suggest improvements, you want to hire the best service out there. While IT consultants should have the practical knowledge to help your organization make better decisions about your IT security needs, their expertise in the subject matter at hand is only a part of what makes them good at their job. Here are five of the best qualities most IT consultants have that make their presence an excellent addition to your business!


When consultants get hired to work as closely as they do with a company, their work relationship with those in the organization can get blurred between client-company and employee-company. Great IT consultants know they must uphold professional standards of conduct to maintain strong client-consultant relationships. Consultants will be able to deliver their services better without overstepping any lines of authority or getting involved with messy workplace politics.


The nature of their work requires consultants to take on new projects, work environments, and teams all the time. This being said, the best consultants easily adapt to the new scenario or issues at hand to address them promptly. An IT consultant’s interpersonal skills have just as much impact on providing value-added service as their technical skills.

Team Player

To be a useful addition to their client, the consultant needs to be an agile team player. Great IT consultants listen and learn from members of the team to fully assess the situation before making contributions. They work well in collaborative environments to adapt their suggestions based on team feedback.

Confident Expert

So while a consultant knows they are a team player when tackling issues or projects, they carry themselves as a confident leader when sharing their expertise. Your business feels like you can trust the IT consultant to know best when implementing solutions to reach your company goals.

Good Communicator

Having good communication skills is a must in several lines of work, but especially so in consulting. The consultant needs to be able to share their ideas understandably for others in your organization to understand and implement. Often, experts can use confusing language or industry jargon when working with others in their field. As a consultant, they must relate the information in a suitable context so that your employees can understand and gain the appropriate insight.

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