New Ways to Approach Healthcare User Experience

New Ways to Approach Healthcare User Experience

As technology advances, it becomes more important to develop new and improved tools to reach patients effectively. Healthcare user experience should be at the forefront of design.

As technology advances, it becomes more important to utilize new and improved tools to reach patients effectively. With better use of technology and design, providers help more patients with record speed. Understanding such advancements that make this possible should be a staple of every healthcare business. As such, there are new ways to approach healthcare user experience when developing new products and tools.

Identify Areas for Improvement

When attempting to improve the user experience for your healthcare processes, and therefore, business, it is crucial first to identify what exactly needs or could use improvement. Is it in-patient processing? Maybe it is automated patient communication? Or, perhaps your management structure could use some improvements, such as an agile project management style. Regardless of the particular area of concern, understanding what parts of your business needs improving or updating can save time and money in the long run.

Basic Web User Interface Tips

Considering most patients will, at some point, use either an online portal or some part of a website to connect with your healthcare business, website user experience should be one of the top priorities. The website design that your patients interact with is the first thing they will remember about their user experience. Simple elements such as fonts, organization of the text, and imagery can make the difference for if your users can find and understand all the information they need. All people involved in your organization need to understand the differences between user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), as well as the role one plays in the other’s development. Potentially, the best way to improve this area is to hire IT consultants or specialized web service parties.

Use a Patient-Focused Approach

It can be easy to lose sight of the real priority in today’s fast-paced environment: improve patient care and experience. Often, businesses attempt to reduce their patients down to numbers, statistics, and the data that represents the patient. While this can improve the efficiency of certain tasks here and there, more often than not, this will result in poor user experience for the individual patient.

In order to deliver greater user experience for a patient, healthcare businesses need to treat their patients as people — not statistics — as well as understand their experiences. When a company puts itself in a patient’s shoes, they can actively take into account the patient perspective in the design and planning process. Healthcare is not without empathy.

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