Emerging Trends In IT Security

Emerging Trends In IT Security

Let’s look at a few emerging trends in IT security that could launch industries into the next golden age of technology.

Technological advancements often are considered the turning point for any society. Specific inventions can drive societies into a new age on their own. The IT security sector and the Internet of Things are revolutionizing many different industries and technologies. For instance, two-factor authentication has swept the commercial and private sectors. Let’s look at a few emerging trends in IT security that could launch industries into the next golden age of technology.

Built-in Hardware Authentication

Gone are the days when a username and password or PIN was enough to secure an account or system. Companies are beginning to develop built-in authentication methods already installed on pieces of hardware. This idea is suitable for systems with limited physical access because the only way to compromise and obtain the hardware’s authentication information would be physically from the hardware itself.

Artificial Intelligence

Despite being quite the buzzword in today’s technological industries, artificial intelligence is a tangible tool that can benefit many different areas. At its core, artificial intelligence is closely related to machine learning. A computer program is given data in which it analyzes and stores conclusions based on the data. As one keeps giving data, the computer program forms and stores more and more conclusions. Effectively making the program ‘smarter’ with the ultimate goal that one can stop giving the program data and the program can begin making decisions on its own based on its rules and conclusions. It is common practice for this concept to be applied to IT security. As more cyber attacks take place, these events are given as data to an artificial intelligence program with the hopes that its conclusions will predict or find details previously hidden.

Blockchain Cybersecurity

Blockchain is another buzzword but is rooted in a best practice for IT security systems. A blockchain cybersecurity setup involves all systems on a network are responsible for verifying the authenticity of all other systems on the network. This creates a chain of approval new systems must satisfy to become part of the network. Applying these concepts to one’s network bolsters the IT security of the entire network. If one computer is detected as being compromised, from something like a piece of malware, revoking the computer’s approval within the rest of the blockchain can prevent the issue from spreading.

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