Outcomes of Better Patient Portals

Outcomes of Better Patient Portals

To reinforce patient portals as an essential tool in modern healthcare, let’s examine how these features better patient health and support providers’ roles.

Improved patient portals produce better results for patients and their healthcare providers. At this point in time, many know about the types of value-added features that should be included in a portal application. To reinforce patient portals as an essential tool in modern healthcare, let’s examine how these features better patient health and support providers’ roles.

Increase Patient Engagement with Care

Designing patient portals with useful tools and approachable UX vastly improves patients’ chances of willingly using those given tools. They can access their health information, medical records, lab results, prescriptions, payment history, and more. Most patient portals even streamline the appointment-making process and have a secure messaging feature for patients to communicate with their providers. All in all, patients who have these tools to engage with their healthcare take on an active role in their care. This, in turn, lessens the load on healthcare providers. 

Efficiently Collect Patient Information

It’s a standard procedure for most patient visits to start with providing the medical office with relevant patient information. This is often a time-consuming and frustrating process for both patients and the receptionist who needs to enter the data afterward, or bug the patient about filling out a missing field. Patient portals can allow patients to fill out their information online ahead of the visit to streamline this administrative step.

Convenient and Fast Payment

Patients dread dealing with complicated billing processes, while providers and insurance companies eagerly await payments. The right billing software integrated into modern patient portals can simplify the payment process altogether. As a result, patients can pay off their medical balance more accurately, quickly, and confidently,

Better Patient Education and Awareness

Patient portals provide critical resources that allow patients to recognize signs of medical trouble or to manage their health conditions. It provides digestible pieces of information that make it incredibly user-friendly for patients to seek out further information and education. Some applications can even encourage patients to set up an appointment with their physician to review their particular situation further. Knowledge empowers patients to make better health decisions. In turn, their better choices lead to better outcomes and lowered costs attributed to preventative care.

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