What Can Threaten Cloud Security?

What Can Threaten Cloud Security?

Here are some things your organization should be wary of when it comes to your own cloud security concerns.

It’s no secret that many organizations and businesses use cloud-hosted solutions to power their operations. Cutting-edge advancements in cloud technology have also made cloud security very reliable overall. However, it’s always best to keep cloud security concerns in the back of our minds so we can take proactive steps in our IT security if there ever is a detected threat. The digital landscape is ever-changing, and with it comes more ways to strengthen and threaten cloud security. Here are some things your organization should be wary of when it comes to your own cloud security concerns.


Cloud servers host so much critical and valuable data that hackers and cybercriminals will do anything to get their hands on it. They will try to infiltrate your cloud security measures by infecting your business network with malware. Different types of malware exist and can harm your business through different means, whether it’s secretly stealing the information on your cloud servers or locking you out of accessing the data via ransomware. All in all, malware can let hackers bypass any protection you have defending the cloud. Thus, this gives the hackers free-reign over your organization’s files and information.

Data Loss

The cloud environment is an incredible thing. It’s responsible for collecting, storing, organizing, and analyzing all types of data and information for your enterprise or multiple enterprises. When cloud security is breached, who knows where all that sensitive, irreplaceable information could go? Moreover, your organization is just as likely to experience a loss of that data. Keep your critical information in some physical backup storage if you are concerned about this happening. Some businesses employ a hybrid solution of cloud and on-premise servers for this reason.

Human Errors

Let’s face it: human errors can be a liability to your business network and cloud security. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid intentional and accidental vulnerabilities. Most likely, it will come down to training all of your employees — not just IT staff — to exercise the proper precautions to safeguard your cloud-hosted assets. People can be a significant defender when it comes to cloud security.

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