Creating Online Employee Training Tools

Creating Online Employee Training Tools

Keep your staff sharp by creating useful online employee training tools.

Every organization needs the appropriate resources to succeed. While equipment and funds are some things that first come to mind, knowledge and the right employee training tools should also be available to your workers. Keeping physical handbooks and manuals as resources is a fine idea, but reading and retaining the information will take time. By delivering the information through online employee training tools, this makes the necessary information more readily accessible to workers and easier to learn. The following are a few tips on creating useful online employee training tools for any business or organization.

Identify Learning Goals

To successfully ensure your employees will receive the appropriate instruction and information for the online content, you should establish what the learning goals are. Will your employee training tools review processes or procedures? Or is the material meant to keep employees updated on relevant regulations in your field of work? Break up the course material into different modules, each made to fulfill different learning goals.

Equip With Analytics

The employee training tools should be able to present analytics to both the user and administrator. Feedback in terms of performance and learning metrics show what is working and what needs improvement. Employees can track their courses studied, review questions, and hours invested. Administrators, or most likely, the management team, can see which topic areas are still troubling or who has not dedicated enough hours to training. Ultimately, the learning material should reflect actionable improvements in the work produced.

Using Authoring and Publishing Tools

Companies can decide whether to hire a service or task internal members to create employee training tools. While having the subject matter correct is essential, the material needs to be presented in a digestible and intriguing way. Use a combination of voice-overs, videos, outside links, infographics, and other multimedia features to teach the information while enhancing the user experience. When publishing content for employees to use, you can either host the portal yourself or on another service. 

Make It Useful and Engaging

When developing the training tools, the best way to encourage employees to use it is to make the content useful and engaging. Make sure to optimize the portal for computers and mobile devices so people can access the material conveniently. Include relevant content per module, and keep it organized and updated with the latest information. Being able to save videos, record notes, and take quizzes within the tool allows employees to interact with the learning material and therefore retain it better.

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