Importance of Updating Handbooks and Manuals

Importance of Updating Handbooks and Manuals

When was the last time you updated your organization’s handbooks and resources?

Every organization operates according to a set of rules and regulations. Handbooks and manuals keep all those relevant regulations and procedures in one place. Referring to these resources should be highly valuable and highly utilized. Employers and employees alike need to easily access this information to follow correct procedures and to use it as a reference for any clarifications as required. 

Thankfully, several organizations and agencies have switched over to maintaining handbooks and manuals online. Now employers can get updated information posted and disseminated to all employees for immediate access. Has it been a while since you’ve last reviewed and updated your organization’s handbooks and manuals? Keep reading for reasons why you shouldn’t delay updating your organization’s important resources.

Upkeep Usefulness

Outdated or missing information in your handbooks won’t give the user the answers they need. These resources should reflect everything from updated systems and procedures to compliance with new laws. Some guides and manuals are used more as a tool than as a reference. For example, the Health Resource and Service Administration maintains its Electronic Handbook to help manage business processes. In this case, the Electronic Handbook acts as a learning guide and forms repository. Users can monitor and manage grants throughout all stages of their process.

Free Up Employer’s Time

Employees with questions about everything work-related, from their workplace benefits to the technical aspects of their jobs, seek out answers from their managers or employers. While it’s the employer’s job to provide solutions and guidance when necessary, frequently, these answers can be found in an employee handbook or user manual. Updating these resources with easy to find and thorough information cuts down on the need for employers to answer those questions. Often, they will point you to the right resource to find what you need. Reviewing your resources for ease of use, as well as content, should be a routine process to keep everyone’s workflow as efficient as possible.

Reduce Legal Risks

As laws and regulations change, your organization’s policies and procedures should reflect the new and compliant details. These include changes from various levels, from company-wide changes to federal or local laws. The handbooks outline expectations regarding safety rules and disciplinary actions, which disclaims that there are procedures in place should any legal dispute occur. A documented resource of all workplace procedures may help to prove a company is not liable in the event something unfortunate happens while acting within set guidelines and disclaimers.

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