Business Legacy Systems Pose as IT Security Risks

Business Legacy Systems Pose as IT Security Risks

Let’s take a look at some reasons why failing to upgrade or update your legacy systems pose serious IT security risks.

Today, internet-connected and digitally-based platforms form the foundation of our society, especially commercial ventures. Technology innovates at a rapid pace. This can be both good and bad because with new technologies come new risks. Further, these risks not only apply to the recently developed systems but to the older ones as well. 

Many businesses may not see the benefit of upgrading or adapting to new technology or systems, particularly if what they’ve been using works well for them. However, given the reliance on IT systems in nearly all facets of modern business, the decision to stick with legacy systems and technology can present IT security risks in numerous ways. Let’s take a look at some reasons why failing to upgrade or update your legacy systems pose serious IT security risks. 

Legacy Dependency

In many ways, holding on to your legacy systems is a slippery slope. As one continues to put off changes to one aspect of your business systems, other features that might be added must also rely on the outdated tech. Eventually, the entire system consists of old hardware, software, operating systems, applications, etc. because those are what’s compatible at the time of implementation. Then, something will force upgrades to become absolutely necessary, such as industry regulations or security breaches. At this point, the only way to salvage your mission-critical data and other IT assets are to complete an overhaul of your business systems.

Furthermore, legacy dependency tends to offer your customers sub-par service because your competitors have kept up with the evolving digital landscape. Nearly every aspect of a business can’t advance to its fullest potential because a legacy system holds it back.

Threats Are Ever-Evolving

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make when assessing IT security risks is thinking their existing and unchanged systems are prepared to face any cyber-threat. In reality, the next malware that can seriously damage your business might not even be created — yet. New threats and IT security risks are imminent, which is why much of the tech industry is proactive about establishing and implementing the latest in digital security and protection. Even whole development cycles put a focus on security. Businesses cannot let these ever-evolving threats get ahead of their operations and expose vulnerabilities in their legacy systems.

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