Using DevSecOps in Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

Using DevSecOps in Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

DevSecOps will be critical as the health industry continues to move into the digital world, where data breaches and security vulnerabilities remain imminent threats.

DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. At it’s core, DevSecOps advocates for and implements security processes and decisions throughout a system’s development life cycle. As you will see, this practice works closely with Agile methodologies in order to bring about quick, secure, and adaptable applications. Today, healthcare, as we know it, is undergoing a sweeping digital transformation. DevSecOps will be critical as the health industry continues to move into the digital world, where data breaches and security vulnerabilities remain imminent threats. More than ever is at stake since the exploitation of these security vulnerabilities could compromise patient information and even cripple whole health systems and networks.

Greater Security and Compliance

DevSecOps engineers keep system security at the front of the mind throughout the development process. So, at every stage of the software or product development, security concerns are addressed and tested before moving onto the next step. As healthcare institutions look to adopt new technology to manage electronic health records and other clinical and auxiliary services, they are more likely to trust platforms developed with security and rigorous compliance in mind. Certainly, healthcare’s digital transformation has also been driven by the need to increase profits by improving efficiencies and patient experience. But, these results cannot be achieved at the cost of leaving patient data vulnerable.

Faster and Better Product Deployment

In many ways, using a DevSecOps approach has its roots in using Agile processes. The whole development team knows to evaluate security decisions throughout each iteration of the product. Because the team is thorough with this aspect of creating and implementing security measures, the team can put out a final product much sooner by not leaving security testing as an afterthought. The DevSecOps approach reduce time spent on responding to threats. Also, the product’s development is structured in a way that lets teams remedy issues at that level. Then, it advances to the next. Plus, this certainly gives them an edge over their competitors. 

Being Proactive About Security

The entire methodology of DevSecOps emphasizes integrating security processes throughout the development life cycle. Therefore, anticipating security vulnerabilities at each stage of development, then addressing those concerns is standard procedure. With this proactive approach to security, developers and IT personnel alike won’t be put in the tough spot of reacting to security issues. The proactive approach delivers greater control over one’s healthcare system; the DevSecOps workflow catches vulnerabilities before these can turn into significant disruptions.

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