Who are Healthcare IT Professionals?

Who are Healthcare IT Professionals?

How do healthcare IT professionals differ from traditional IT specialists?

Government and private healthcare workers understand the importance of securely managing and sharing patient electronic health records. Multiple aspects of healthcare provider and patient interactions and servicing occurs via computerized methods. For example, some actions include delivering test results and electronically prescribing medications. Of course, plenty of computing power goes into recording and storing all of this private information. Technology makes administering care easier, but how is this possible?

Healthcare IT professionals, or healthcare information technology professionals, play a vital role in maintaining the systems and network those working in healthcare rely on using. Audley Consulting Group offers personalized healthcare IT solutions to our clients so they can, in turn, give valuable service to their patients and customers. Here’s what you need to know about healthcare IT professionals and how we at Audley can provide our services to you.

Defining Healthcare IT

According to healthIT.gov, they define health IT as the use of computers to “record, store, protect, and retrieve clinical, administrative, or financial information.” It entails the management of electronic health records, personal health records, and the like. Therefore, healthcare IT professionals are specialists that handle an organization’s use of hardware and software employed to administer care to patients. Unlike traditional IT staff or specialists, health IT professionals incorporate their knowledge of clinical documents, terminology, and healthcare functionality into their support of computer systems in a medical setting.

Roles & What We Do

Health IT professionals can hold many titles or positions. Some positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Software Developer or Software Engineer
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Data Analyst or Data Architect
  • Program Analyst

And in Audley’s case, we are also consultants. Mainly, health IT professionals use specialized expertise to work with caregivers to make sure the healthcare organization’s IT systems are performing optimally. Aside from identifying vulnerabilities and implementing solutions, we help train employees and staff on how to navigate secure healthcare software, such as EHR systems.

Who Do We Help?

Healthcare IT professionals serve those in many healthcare settings. Physician offices, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, mental health facilities, healthcare clinics, and pharmacies are some of the establishments or organization types health IT specialists help. Health IT professionals can even work with public health or government healthcare organizations and insurance companies. These entities don’t necessarily provide medical care but work closely with those that do.

Healthcare IT Services and Solutions from Audley Consulting Group

The experts at Audley Consulting Group dedicate their passion and work to providing exceptional healthcare-centered IT services to our clients. Our consultants uncover your business needs to tailor an effective information technology solution that is unique to your situation. We proudly serve public and private sector clients in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia areas, and beyond. Audley Consulting group has delivered value-added IT services to businesses and government agencies. We can show how our healthcare IT services can benefit you too. To get started, call us at 301-770-6464, or visit our website. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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