Health IT: Features For Medical Billing Software

Health IT: Features For Medical Billing Software

When hospitals and even smaller practices use efficient medical billing software, it simplifies an often infuriating process and can streamline administrative workload.

Health IT solutions have received far more attention in the past few weeks in response to the global coronavirus crisis. While new and innovative health IT applications aid to combat and control the spread of COVID-19, we can’t forget that “less-exciting” technology plays a significant role in everyday healthcare administration. When hospitals and even smaller practices use efficient medical billing software, it simplifies an often infuriating process and can streamline administrative workload. All in all, this results in delivering faster and better care to patients. When your healthcare business is looking to use medical billing software, these are a few of the features to keep at the forefront of your checklist.

Patient Profiles

Medical billing software helps doctor’s offices keep track of their patients’ medical finances. Therefore, it makes sense that the software looks very similar to EHR software that practices use to manage their critical tasks. In fact, many medical billing software capabilities are built into EHR software as one comprehensive platform. In any case, all relevant billing and insurance information for each patient should be readily accessible from the software.

Patient Activity

Along with personal information, patient activity and treatment history must also be present. It can log patient dictated changes, like notice of new insurance, or is updated by administrative staff on any procedures, prescriptions, specialist consultations, etc. underwent by the patient in a given visit. Keeping an accurate record of this information identifies which individual action will require a charge, either from insurance or out-of-pocket by the patient.

Billing, Payment, and Claim Tracking

Billing and payment information are typically disclosed between the healthcare practice, an insurance company, and the patient. Having a tracking feature keeps all parties informed on the status of a payment, as well as any pending actions. This lends more transparency to the process for everyone. Also, this should be used to track and manage claims that require action from insurance companies. Understandably, when it comes to money and payments, these need to be followed closely.

Billing Explanation

Providing a tool that lets healthcare practices lay out all the charges keeps the billing process organized. Patients may not be fully aware of where costs are coming from, so a billing explanation tool that breaks down the charges frees up the need for a human representative to explain the bill as much as possible. 

Data Security

Apart from the apparent danger of accidentally disclosing patient personal financial information, such as credit card numbers, medical billing software could also risk violating patient privacy rules. Seeing someone’s medical bill could be just as much a violation of patient privacy as wrongly accessing one’s medical records. As a result, data security measures are critical features to assess when using any medicine-related software or health IT-related application.

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